ARTIFACT features my art inside the Scope Pavilion at Miami’s International Contemporary Art Show

December 7, 2019

DGLemeh_SCOPE FFE 2019

Hello, hello, hello, everyone! This new post brings with it some rather exciting news.

It is the week of Art Basel, and I am happy to report that 3 of my artworks were selected  for inclusion in this year’s International Contemporary Art Show, hosted by ARTIFACT, located in Scope Miami’s Pavilion. The Director of the New York based ARTIFACT’s agency, Serge Gergorian, the creative mastermind behind the exhibition, worked to bring together and feature artworks created by both national and international visual artists.

Below is one of my digital photographs, titled, Entangled, one of the 3 images selected for inclusion. The other two works, titled, RED & Untitled (part of the Counsel of the Raven series) were on display in their (FFE) flat file exhibition. Dorotha Grace Lemeh Art Images in ARTIFACT at Scope 2019

Tomorrow, Sunday, December 8th, is the last day of the art fair & closing of South Florida’s 2019 Art Basel. So, if you happen to be in the vicinity of Miami for the final wrap up of Art Basel week & ARTIFACT’s showing in the Scope Pavilion, go to booth D-33 to view or purchase one of my 3 artworks. Yes, feel free to spread the word.

Thank you everyone for your continued support!

I am most sincerely,

Dorotha Grace

DGLemeh, Entangled, 2017Dorotha Grace Lemeh, Entangled,Photo on fine art photo paper, 23 x 17, 2017

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