StArt’s New Online Catalogue

November 23, 2019

Hi, All,

Well, I recently heard from Karina H. Blakely, the Director of Product 81 Creative Lab & Wayne Ackers Ford’s StArt Program, that their online living catalogue is up for viewing. Exciting!!!

In order to view the Wayne Ackers Ford’s StArt catalogue of their artists, please click on the link:

For those of you, who attend my exhibitions or collect my art I encourage you to view this wonderful website. To view my portfolio all you need to do is scroll down the page in order to discover my images and text about my images. Since this is a living document, I will be updating my information from time to time so that those individuals, who are not familiar with my artworks and may want to visit my website will be able to do so. What is really cool happens to be that everyone will be able to view some of my newer work.



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