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Consumption & Critique: About…Blah, Blah, Blah

For consumption and critique, I willingly offer up my art, poetry and writings, to the general public in hopes of initiating, and where possible, continuing an open dialogue about the works presented, and the context in which they were created.

DGLemeh Untitled (Release)

In my art, my writing, and poetry, I realize that it isn’t always easy to address the sometimes overwhelming weight of our collective societal, cultural, economic, political, environmental and gender directed concerns, which continue to ail the inhabitants of our shared planet. This said, my goal is to create a space for reflective discussions in support of mutual appreciation and respect for one another.

Are we what we know_dglemeh_2017

Yes, it is true that some viewers may agree with my artistic vision, while others may not, and frankly that is fine.  Hopefully, upon close examination, the work created will serve as a positive platform for discussion.

dglemeh_exhibit_Milwaukee_Journal_1994 copy.tiff copy

As an artist, I will continue to do my part and leave it up to the general public and historians to determine whether or not such endeavors were beneficial to our collective human story. In any event, enjoy the art on your own terms, and thank you for reading my post. Dorotha Grace 8/24/2019

I enjoy discovering ways to use my art to examine, explore, transverse, and construct alternate meanings.   I juxtapose found historic objects (arti-facts) and text with created images as a way to allow one to question: What is the relationship operating between the narratives of text & image? What unfolding story am I deriving from such pairing? & How am I able to understand the ways in which these texts (visual and written) function?
As a visual artist, I believe creating such visually rich contemporary tableaux offers the viewer another way of interpreting my work beyond a singular understanding. In drawing from a myriad of literary and historic sources, the art created leaves room for viewers to examine relevant socio-cultural topics in relationship to our collective human story. —Dorotha Udeagbor Grace Lemeh

“Visage de nacre et masque de blanche_Mother of Pearl Face and White Mask copy 2.jpg

Dorotha Lemeh, Mother of Pearl Face White Mask, B & W photo on paper, 2006-07

© Dorotha Grace Lemeh

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