I am invited to participate in the exhibition, Continuity: Modern and Contemporary Masters

IMG_3601 (1)

Happy 2020 everyone. I truly am sorry that I have not posted before now.  I am currently  immersed in my creative research; meaning I am pursing external funding sources. Not to worry, I have also been active in my artistic practice.  I am currently working on the development of my creative concepts & ways in which to approach the innovation of my ideas. Therefore, for this month of January, seeking out funding, which I need to develop my new body of work has been my primary focus.

This said here is a bit of exciting news that I wish to share. A few days ago, I received an invitation to participate in the Continuity: Modern and Contemporary Masters exhibition. My work will appear alongside such notable giants of Modernism, as Picasso, Matisse & Miro.

Although the exhibit itself will not take place until July 2022, I wanted all of you to know about this incredibly exciting exhibition of which I am a part. I do so hope that many (if not all) of you will mark your calendar and travel to the exhibition that is happening in Manhattan.  It will be an incredible and celebratory exhibition opening. Think of it as a very special time that all who attend will remember. To be sure, I will continually update all of you about the Continuity: Modern and Contemporary Masters exhibition.

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